A Princess of Mars

“The strength of this production is the world they’ve created. From the fantastic Martian costumes from designer Stefanie Sajib-Johnsen and masks from Jeff Harris, to the projections and lighting design from David Goodman-Edberg, a Martian world was created.” – Chicago Stage Standard (note: projection design was actually by Tiffany Keane Schaeffer)

Everywhere but Here

“Abby Ellison’s striking “Everywhere But Here” gained strength from its insistent through line, its choreographic ingenuity, and from David Goodman-Edberg’s magical cones of light, interrupting pedestrian life: People striding purposefully would suddenly falter, would stutter or stagger, in these zones.” – Laura Molzahn, Chicago Tribune

What Brings Me to This Place

“Lighting by David Goodman-Edberg re-creates the moody look of old-style music videos with big shadows, silhouettes rimmed in light, dramatic shifts between dark and bright.” – Laura Molzahn, Chicago Tribune

Gone Dark

“Lighting designer David Goodman-Edberg cleverly placed lights outside the church’s windows to act as moonlight, and he used a few other ingenious lighting tricks to create some gorgeous special effects which you must see for yourself to truly appreciate.” – Elijah Cox, Loyola Phoenix

Unfinished Work

“David Goodman-Edburgh’s lighting creates strong diagonal shadows seemingly thrown by streetlights…” – Laura Molzahn, Chicago Tribune